Why You Should Paint Your Office Yellow

Being surrounded by the color yellow will help you stay focused. Yellow decreases the production of Melatonin, a hormone which makes you sleepy. It’s not very often that when you visit somewhere whether an office, a store or even a hotel room that you think “I wonder what mood they were going for when they chose this color”. 

Typically we look around, compliment the color scheme and furniture choices but rarely ever do we think about what a color really can do to your mood. Professionals, especially interior designers know just that. They understand to add that light blue in the bedroom for a light, breezy relaxing feel and why you should have shades of yellow surrounding your office space whether it’s your home office or one at work. 

Filling your work area with various yellow hues will help a person stay on task and stay focused rather than drifting away into space. The color yellow not only is known to help you stay focused but improves efficiency and inspires original thinking as well as coming up with creative ideas. 

Other reasons that yellow is a popular choice in work environments…as the lightest hue of the spectrum, it also represents new ideas, becoming a practical thinker, better communication, easier decision making as this color isn’t associated with the heart but instead, with the head. Creating your environment with a yellow scheme may even help your ego as well as your self worth, inspiring the feelings of clarity, positivity and even enlightenment. 

Stuck feeling unmotivated and in a funk? Cheer up your mood with the color of happiness, hope, positivity and of course….sunshine! Check out some yellow items that you can surround yourself in to help you and your analytical process but of course don’t expect painting a little yellow around you is going to automatically help you pass your finals or come up with a scientific breakthrough, however, it wouldn’t hurt to try!