Why Skipping Meals Won’t Make You Lose Weight

TLDR; Skipping meals can cause your body to go into a fat-storing starvation mode, making it harder to burn calories.

A common misconception with people who’re planning to diet is not eating a meal is equal to losing weight. Well, that’s not how it goes. When you skip a meal regularly, it makes your metabolism slow down and actually induces your body to store fat which defeats the purpose of going into diet, right?

Let’s admit it though, skipping a meal or meals aren’t unusual. For some of us, this might even be the norm. Skipping breakfast because you woke up late, skipping lunch because you’re neck in neck with a project deadline, or not eating dinner because you’re too tired. All of these, at some point in our lives, happened to us.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s an even more detailed explanation of why skipping meals makes you gain weight rather than losing some extra pounds.

You’ll get low energy and blood sugar levels

Experts say when you skip even just one meal, it immediately affects your glucose supply. When this happens, your brain gets affected too. The human brain is mostly fueled by the nutrients and carbs we eat. If there’s a constant imbalance, it could lead to dizziness and irritability. 

Also, when you get mentally drained, you tend not to think straight which can lead to poor life choices. One of them is stuffing yourself full on your next meal. No, it won’t compensate with your missed meal, rather you’re just collecting calories. 

You’ll get sick

Seriously think this through. If you intentionally skip meals without any proper diet plans, you’ll get sick. Aside from affecting our brain, your stomach gets the brunt of that hit. You’d get stomach ulcers and experience nausea and vomiting when it gets worse.

The chances of you burning calories with that kind of mindset are from slim to none. However, the chances of you developing health complications go through the roof. Think about that.

You’ll gain weight instead of losing some

Why gain weight instead of losing some, you ask. Well, that’s because skipping meals causes your metabolism to slow down. Oh yeah, you’ll start craving food more and more too. Usually, when you crave food, it’s all about comfort. When you’re hungry enough, a chocolate bar seems like heaven compared to a bowl of salad. 

Moreover, when you get too hungry, chances are you are going to overeat. Say hi to the extra calories that you didn’t need if you just ate a balanced meal!

When your metabolism slows down, your body starts storing fat. This is because the body senses that there is an imbalance of nutrient intake and creates defensive and precautionary actions hence it starts to store fat more than producing energy.

What you should do

Take note, the key to losing weight is not skipping a meal but reducing your calorie intake. Give up oily and fattening foods or just eat them in moderation. It would probably best if you consult a dietitian first.

So, whether you’re planning to lose weight or just eating healthy, it’s best to check the facts first. Don’t forget, depriving yourself of eating to burn them calories is not a life hack, it’s just a trick!

image credit: EveryDayHealth