How To Prevent Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Getting out of the shower and having to wait 20 minutes before you can see yourself isn’t very fun. Trying to shave without being able to see if you’re missing spots is not very fun, trust me on this one.

But what can you do to prevent the bathroom mirror from fogging up? Well there are a few ways you can do it, and they all use things that you probably already have lying around your house.

Car Wax/De-Fogger

First might be kind of obvious after you hear it. If this is good enough to defog your cars windows than it’s a surefire way to defog your mirrors. Simply dab a small amount of it onto the mirror, let it dry up, and then buff it out with a soft, dry cloth.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream surprisingly works great for preventing any fog build up on your mirrors. Just lather it up and wipe it down with a towel before your shower. The best part is you probably already have some lying around the bathroom.


Vinegar works great to deter fog, as long as you don’t mind a little smell, which will be gone by the time you’re out of the shower. To really heighten it’s defogging powers, add in a few drops of soap before you put it on your mirror.

Defogging Pads

Did you know that defogging pads are a thing? Although they might cost a little more than a bottle of vinegar, it’s the ultimate fog be gone solution. They sit behind your mirror and gently heat it up, ultimately preventing condensation from forming.

Blow Dryer

Well if you’ve already hopped in your shower and didn’t have a chance to use the previous 4 hacks, then a blow dryer is your best bet. This will get your mirror back to normal within a couple minutes.