Good News: Study Shows Owning A Cat Reduces Your Risk Of Having A Heart Attack By 30%.

TLDR; By simply owning a cat, your risk of heart attack decreases by 30%.

(The health benefits of owning a cat) These fluffy, nearly perfect fur babies can be a blessing in disguise by not only making you feel better emotionally, but they can improve your body’s physical health by bringing a cat into your life. What are some health benefits you can expect from owning cats?…

The Risk Of Heart Disease Is Lowered.

Stress can cause havoc to your body including increasing the risk of different illnesses and various health issues including those related to the heart. Not only does owning cats as pets calm you down, it’s been proven to lower your blood pressure, decrease the risk of various heart diseases and strokes as much as 30% and those stress levels are also connected in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

You’ll Get Better ZZZ’s As Your Sleep Is Improved.

Studies have found that when it comes to sleeping with their cats, people actually prefer them over sleeping with their partner. Up to 41% of people, mostly women, have reported better sleep while with their pet while as little as 20% reported that their furry sleeping buddies cause more disturbances and a rough night’s sleep.

Their Soothing Purr Helps In Healing.

I bet you didn’t realize that your cat’s calming purrs can not only make you feel good and smile, but it also may play a part in your physical healing. Feeling joy and happiness is a well known benefit from owning cats but those felines have a therapeutic healing ability for muscles, tendons and bones. Their frequency of vibrations at a 20-140 HZ while frequencies of 18-35 HZ has been proven to show positive effects after injury. 

Stress Is Reduced And Anxiety Levels Decrease. 

Calming chemicals in the brain are released which causes the amount of stress and anxiety that you may have to be lowered dramatically simply by keeping your loving cat around. The connection between you and your pet leaves you both in a comforting and loving mood especially after a calming petting session that will leave you and your pet feeling happy and relaxed. The simple act of petting your cat is all you need to decrease the stress and anxiety of everyday life. 

If you’re looking for the right furry companion to keep you company, making you feel loved and wanted, don’t pass on rescuing a cat needing some love and affection as they are the ‘purr’fect choice!

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