Get Rid Of A Muscle Cramp With Pickle Juice

Have a muscle cramp? Drink some pickle juice. The sodium and acetic acid will help your body make more acetylcholine, which eases muscles.

Muscle cramps can not only be frustrating but can leave you in some discomfort and even in pain at times. Regardless of your age or activity level, almost everyone has had the unfortunate experience of muscle cramps at one point or another. The involuntary muscle cramp can become forcibly contracted more commonly in the feet and legs but you’ll find it occurs in any muscle. Whether it’s dehydration, resting in bed or during a run, these muscle contractions can occur. 

But what causes them?

Muscle cramps can occur with…

  • Age as the older you get the more you lose muscle
  • Dehydration
  • Hot weather 
  • Lots of exercise
  • Various medications
  • Numerous medical conditions

When is a muscle cramp more than just a cramp? When should you call your doctor?

If your muscle cramps come with the following, you should contact your healthcare provider…

  • They frequently happen
  • It comes with muscle weakness
  • You’re having severe discomfort
  • After a while there is still no improvement

So why pickle juice?

Although it hasn’t been proven, researchers have found that those suffering from muscle cramps may benefit from a delicious glass of pickle juice which begins to help the moment it touches the back of your throat. Muscular reflexes are triggered causing the uncomfortable feeling of muscle cramping to go away as misfiring neurons that are in your muscles are stopped in their tracks.

If you’re a pickle lover like most of us are, you should know there are many other benefits to drinking the juice in moderation. You may find that blood sugar spikes are lowered, you’ll experience better gut health as your digestive system benefits, and also being packed with numerous vitamins and antioxidants. The acetylcholine alone is an organic chemical that functions throughout the brain and nervous system which when released, these neurotransmitter signals send chemical messages to activate muscles. 

Practicing healthy habits like drinking enough water daily to stay hydrated, stretching your muscles before any physical activity as well as practicing safety when taking part in exercising could make muscle cramps happen less but when they do, grab a glass of pickle juice and bottoms up!