Clothes Smell Better When They’re Dried Outside, Because Science.

It’s a fact, clothes that are dried outside smell better because of the sunlight that breaks down odour causing compounds.

Need a great way to cut costs in these financially stressful times? You can easily cut those costs starting in your laundry room. Just think, in those hot summer months when your air conditioning is running nonstop, it’s not gonna be helping your energy bill to begin with. If you’re a proactive  person trying to save the environment, what better way than to be energy efficient and by going green.

If you don’t have access to an outdoor area to hang your clothes on a clothesline, try installing a rod or purchasing a stand up rack on wheels to put aside when not being used, if one can’t be installed. Depending on how big your family is or how much clothing needs to be washed, you may want to invest in an extra rod to hang the clothing to dry, making it much easier for yourself. Better yet, it’s even quicker so you can get all of your laundry done in a day. 

Some benefits when it comes to drying your clothes outside…

No dryer sheets needed, your clothes will be static free

Saves money rather than racking up your energy bill

Makes clothes smell fresh and clean which is great for those with fragrance sensitivities

Sunlight helps disinfect your laundry

Conserves resources 

Simple and easy to use

Some cons to hanging your clothing to dry…

Dries much slower than in a dryer

The amount of laundry is limited per day

Wrinkles aren’t released even after being hung up

You must wait longer in between loads

Colors may possibly lighten if placed in a directly sunny area

Dryer sheets have harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation

With the numerous benefits of trading in your electric dryer for the simple and easy clothesline or clothing rod you’re not only saving your money but you’re also helping the environment by simply hanging your clothes outside to dry. At approximately .45 cents for each load of laundry being run with an electric dryer, it can add up especially those of you who do laundry daily or those with larger families. You’ll definitely notice a difference.

Keep some extra money in your wallet by drying clothes outside and skip out on wasting energy by using a natural dryer.

If you’re looking for the best ways to cut costs, this should definitely be on your list!