6 Ways To Make Learning A New Language Easy

There are a lot of benefits when you speak more than two languages. Are you worried that it would take much time to learn a new language? You do not have to. There are ways that you can do to learn it fast. These hacks can help lessen weeks or months of studying it. Continue reading to learn tips on how to learn a new language more effectively.

1. Learn the Rules

You cannot master a new language unless you learn the style and grammar first. This is one of the basics that many language learners tend to take for granted. Usually, they study words right away. Children’s shows and books use simple vocabulary and sentence structure. Therefore, you can easily digest the grammar and structure and appreciate learning the language by using them as a guide. 

2. Use Different Learning Sources

If you want to learn a new language fast, your learning resources should not be limited. It is hard to learn the language in a broader perspective if you stick to one learning resources. Unconventional sources such as watching children’s shows or reading children’s books can help you experience the language in various facets. 

3. Jot Down Notes

After watching a children’s show or reading a children’s book, it will be helpful to write words, phrases, or sentences relevant to you. Aside from having more interest in you, you are also able to engage yourself in checking your vocabulary and writing down easy and useful phrases from these resources. T

he words, phrases, and sentences you learned are easier to apply in actual situations because the concepts are not difficult to comprehend. They also give you more opportunities to review and repeat the children’s materials. 

4. Immerse Yourself

We indeed turn to what we always do. This saying is true in life aspects, and learning a new language is no exception. When you surround yourself with resources such as children’s books or shows that can contribute to the new language acquisition, you will improve your learning process. This will not only benefit you temporarily but also in the long run. 

5. Incorporate Entertainment

Learning should be fun, so entertain yourself while learning a new language. You can have more interest and enthusiasm. As a result, you learn faster. You can do it conveniently in your house. You can watch children’s movies or videos or listen to songs in the language you are learning. If you have the chance, you can go to shows that use that language. 

6. Applying the Diglot Weave Method

Using this approach, you use your mother tongue and the new language from children’s shows or books together. Learning will be more comfortable since you use easy but foreign words along with your own language. This is effective because you can associate and remember the words more easily. 


Finally, based on the tips given, learning a new language is not complicated, especially when you use materials such as children’s books or movies. Therefore, you should take advantage of these to learn the language in no time.