6 Tips Every Runner Needs To Know

Many runners appear graceful and effortless but the secret is, these people know the proper way to run, not only minimizing injury but maintaining a great pace and excellent form. Running at any age is an amazing way to stay healthy and fit and a great way to clear your mind after a long day. In order to make the best of your running experience start on your form. When your form is good, running is easier and much, much more enjoyable. Ready to begin? 

Here are 6 tips for new runners that will have you ready for your race in no time!

1. When first starting, always focus solely on form.

When it’s gorgeous out how could you not want to look around at all the beautiful scenery?! But instead, you need to focus on your breathing and your form. Running or even jogging with the proper form will make you less likely to injure yourself and will leave you enjoying your run and feeling more motivated. When your form is good  it’s a great way to look forward to and focus on your goal. 

2. Keep your hips, spine and neck aligned.

During acceleration, keep your face focused forward without pulling your chin up or down as you also focus on leaning your hips slightly forward rather than leaning in with your shoulders. Doing so will give you more power in your stride. Your hips and spine play a major part in giving you more power in your run. This power comes from your hips which is the center of gravity and with a long, tall spine, a tight core and shoulders back, you’ll run more effectively like those more experienced runners. 

3. Minimize your up and down movements.

When your chin is moving up and down or your body is bouncing, and not staying steady, it causes you to feel easily tired making the run much more strenuous than it should have been. If you don’t run smoothly and begin bouncing up and down, you will more than likely injure your spine, back, shoulders, neck and your joints. 

4. Run in as straight a line as possible.

When hitting the pavement, it’s crucial to keep your focus on running in a straight line. Your feet should land parallel without crossing over as you use each stride to push off preparing for the next. Running in the wrong form and not in a straight line you’re more at risk to cause injury and waste energy tiring you out much more quickly.

5. Generally the quieter your running the better your form is.

Focusing on your feet hitting the pavement is more than enough sound you need in order to focus on your run and your proper form. Research has shown that doing so will cause less pressure and injury of their shins, ankles and knees as they focus on the sound of their step and not distracted by music playing. Besides the fact your running may be improved, running quietly is great for your body and great for your soul.

6. After 3-4 weeks, running at a steady pace should feel effortless. If not go back to tip #1 and make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

The more you practice properly running and working on your form, the better a runner you’ll become. With each run you’re training your body on the appropriate form with a smooth line head to toe but you’re also becoming much quicker, slowly but surely. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not ready to run a 5k within the first month, everyone runs at their own place and has their own personal record to compete against. 

So get your sneakers on, lace them up and go hit the pavement!