(042) Target’s Secret Pricing System

Imagine you could know when something is about to go on sale, well at Target, you kind of can, thanks to this little shopping secret. The next time you’re shopping at Target, take a close look at the last number in an items price. There are a few important things that this can tell you.

For starters, if the price ends in 8, it’s signalling staff that it’s an item that will eventually be marked down again soon. In other words, there will be a sale on that item in the near future. If the price ends in 4, it means there’s no more room for profit on that item, and therefore it’s the lowest that it will ever be. 

Target also has a markdown schedule that they stick to on a regular basis. Children’s clothing, stationary, and electronics are marked down on Mondays. Women’s clothing and domestics are marked down on Tuesdays. Men’s clothing, toys, and health and beauty is Wednesdays. Lingerie, shoes, and housewares is Thursdays, and cosmetics are marked down on Fridays.