(035) The Perfect Poop Angle

When the Squatty Potty made it’s television debut on Shark Tank, a lot of people chuckled, but the device that’s pretty much just your average plastic stool, went on to make over $33 million dollars. This is because it brought attention to a health concern that no one wanted to talk about, and that’s your poop angle. 

According to a Japanese study, the data showed that the ideal poop angle is 22.5 degrees, with our hips flexing at 60 degrees (as seen in the picture above). What this does is straightens out the rectoanal canal, and takes a lot of strain off the sphincter. In other words, the closer you are to these angles the easier it is to poop! Now do you really need the Squatty Potty? Absolutely not. Any stool/stack of books/etc that has a height of 7 or 9 inches will suffice.